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To apply, you need to be a citizen of a EU-country. Basic knowledge of German is required as well. If you meet these requirements, you can apply. When reviewing the applications, we pay close attention to your academic and practical experiences. The student contract with the university does not yet have to be signed.

For any general questions, an application is not required. Once you have been admitted to the university, you can send your application per email to The application consists of your CV, transcripts of your academic achievements (school, Bachelor, Master, as applicable), proof of income (for on-the-job training programs only),identity card/passport, as well as the admission confirmation from your university.

The best time to apply is immediately after receiving your admission confirmation from the university. However, there are no deadlines. You can even apply after your program has already started.

Yes, even after completing a few semesters you can still apply for funding.

The chat about the contract can either be done on the phone or you can come to our office in 56179 Vallendar. Of course, your parents are welcome to join..

No, you can still sign our funding contract. After you turn 18, you will simply confirm in writing that you want to continue with the funding provided by the education fund.

No, the education fund provides funding independent of your financial background.

You can apply before graduating school. Instead of sending us your final transcript, simple send the 3 most recent transcripts you have.

The Brain Capital Team is happy to answer any questions regarding the education fund. Call +49 261 450 934 91 or email:

About the Education Fund

Yes, you can set the funding amount yourself. The repayment percentage for the income-dependent repayment will be reduced strictly proportionally to the amount. The payment years remain the same. Thus, funding from the education fund can easily be combined with grants and other financial support. You can even combine it with a traditional loan.

Yes. You can mention this in your application or during the chat about the contract. The repayment percentage for the income-dependent repayment will be reduced strictly proportionally to the amount. The funding by the education fund does not count as income or assets for calculating BAFöG. This information is provided strictly for informational purposes. Please check details with the BAFöG office in charge of your application.

It is possible to finance some of your living expenses.

Additional costs of your education that are not covered by your tuition can often be financed with the education fund as well.

The education fund does not charge any regular or effective interest. The education fund is not a traditional loan. You repay a fixed percent of your income after you graduation and once you earn a minimum annual income (see "repayment phase").

If you leave the university before earning your degree, the amount of tuition the education fund has paid for your tuition will be turned into a traditional loan that you have to repay.

The repayment depends on your income. If you die, the payment claims cease to exist. No heirs or life insurances will have to take over the claims.

Repayment period

The sum of your positive income (= gross income) as stated in your tax return.

The repayment begins usually after graduation and only when you earn the minimum income. If you earn less than that, you do not have to make any payments for this year. This clause hold throughout the lifetime of the contract.

The repayment period is no more than 10 payment years. If your income is below the minimum income, any payments for that year are postponed. 20 calendar years after your graduation, all future payments are waived regardless of the number of payment years you've accumulated.

The repayment does not depend on your status but strictly on the income you earn. If you earn below the minimum income for 20 calendar years after your graduation, you do not have to repay anything. If, for instance, you earn above the minimum income for five years within the 20 calendar years, then you only repay for those five years. All future payments are waived after 20 calendar years.

If you earn an extremely high income, there is an upper limit for the repayment stated in the contract. You do not have to repay more than twice the funding amount (plus inflation). There are also yearly caps for the repayment amount.

Yes, that is possible but the conditions are set on a case-by-case basis.

Payments to the education fund are postponed tuition payments. According to current law, these are deductible in Germany at the time of payment. Future changes to this legislation and divergent case law cannot be excluded.

You are required to share your current contact information with Brain Capital, submit your tax return every year, and pay the income-dependent repayments. There are no further obligations, restrictions or information requirements.

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